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Zefon Asbestos 25mm Air Sampling Cassettes, 50/box

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Zefon PCM & TEM 25mm air sampling cassettes are designed and manufactured to meet all applicable NIOSH, OSHA, and AHERA standards for asbestos air monitoring. The cassette housings are injection molded in-house and are individually assembled and preloaded under stringent quality control standards. Once assembled, each cassette is individually tested prior to packaging for shipment. Random lot sample testing is performed daily by an independent laboratory to ensure low background fiber counts. Laboratory results are available upon request. 

(Box of 50 Cassettes)


  • 0.8μm MCE Filter Material with or without grids (PCM models)
  • 1.2μm MCE Filter Material with or without grids (PCM models)
  • 0.45μm + 5.0μm MCE Filter Material (TEM models)
  • 2" Static Conductive Extension Cowl
  • Meets NIOSH 7400/7402 and OSHA ID160 specifications
  • Meets AEHRA Requirements (TEM Model #Z045BA)
  • Each cassette is marked with a unique serial number
  • Preloaded - ready to use

Each Zefon 25mm cassette undergoes stringent quality control that includes a 100% inspection for the correct filter/pad combination and a 100% inspection to ensure no filter parchment paper is present. Then each lot of cassettes has numerous sample blanks verified by an independent laboratory to have acceptable background fiber counts as per NIOSH requirements.


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