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Dri-Eaz DefendAir HEPA 500 DOP Stage 2 Pre-Filter (F415 / 103724)

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DOP Stage 2 HEPA 500 Pre-Filter. Gives the DefendAir® HEPA 500 first-pass filtration efficiency. The addition of the DOP filter makes the DefendAir HEPA 500 a high efficiency three-stage air filtration unit, ready for any sensitive job requiring first-pass HEPA filtration. With the standard pre-filter, DOP Stage 2 pre-filter and the HEPA primary filter installed, the HEPA 500 passes laboratory DOP testing conducted per ANSI standards, achieving an efficiency rating of 99.97% against oily aerosol particles down to 0.3 microns.

Note: To help prevent cross-contamination, we recommend replacing the HEPA filter after each job involving mold, sewage, or other microbial contaminants, and also after use in an environment that may contain toxic substances such as asbestos. Wear appropriate protective gear when handling contaminated filters and dispose according to local regulations


  • May pass laboratory DOP testing when installed as part of three-stage filtration process
  • To be installed between the standard prefilter and the HEPA primary filter.


  • Media:  Paper
  • Filter frame:  Reinforced frame with rubber seal
  • Size:  16" x 16" x 1"

Note: This is NOT the replacement HEPA for the Dri-Eaz 500

Dim Height:
1 inches
Dim Length:
16 inches
Dim Width:
16 inches
Filter Type:
DOP Filter

Product Spec Sheet (DefendAir_HEPA_500_DOP_Stage_2_Pre-Filter_SpecSheet-03-21-2021.pdf, 753 Kb) [Download]

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