Abatement PAS1600SHS HEPA Air Scrubber

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HEPA-AIRE PAS1600SHS Portable HEPA-Filtration System

The PAS1600SHS Portable Air Scrubber from Abatement Technologies® delivers more bang for your buck compared to other negative air filtration devices. The PAS1600SHS has the features you are looking for such as powerful airflow, low amperage draw, a lightweight and mobile design–all at an affordable price! Plus, the PAS1600SHS Portable Air Scrubber comes with the unmatched quality and reliability you expect from Abatement Technologies, the industry leader for high performance HEPA-filtration systems.

The PAS1600SHS Portable HEPA-Filtration System is equipped for creating negative pressure containment or use as a recirculating air scrubber. The unit captures particles in three or four filter stages with exceptional dirt holding capacity, including a final-stage HEPA filter tested and certified to capture at least 99.97% @ 0.3-micron particles. The PAS1600SHS operates safely with power to spare on a 120 V/15 amp electric circuit.

  • Airflow* - Two speeds up to 1,900 cfm
  • Air Changes Per Hour - 6 ACH @ 19,000 ft³
  • Maximum Blower Static Pressure - 4.7” water gauge
  • Net Weight with Filters - 131 pounds
  • Shipping Weight - 153 pounds
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) - 24.75”L x 27.5”W x 38.625”H
  • Power Supply Requirements - 120 volts AC, 60Hz, 15 amps
  • Peak Operating Amps - 8 amps
  • Electrical Safety - NRTL-certified to comply with UL Std. 507 & CAN/CSA Std. #C22.2 No. 113-M1984 for electrical safety
  • Motor/Blower - 1.5 HP high-efficiency/backward curved
  • Controls - Protected recessed controls, Off/High/Low speed selector switch, power indicator lamp, separate ‘Replace Pre-filter’ and ‘replace HEPA’ lamps, digital operating hour meter
  • Differential Filter Pressure Gauge - 5” diameter magnehelic gauge
  • Cabinet Material - 20 gauge stainless steel construction with solid rivets
  • Built-in Dolly - Two-wheel dolly with 12” solid, non-marking rubber rear wheels, 360° swivel front casters and a secure top handle for easy movement and control
  • Easy to Replace Pre-Filters - Hinged and latched pre-filter access door with a full perimeter gasket seal to protect against dirty-air bypass
  • Pre-Filter Mounting - Separate slide-in compartments for up to 3 pre-filter stages
  • Inlet/Outlet Manifold - 12” inlet/outlet collar designed for attachment of flex duct, lay-flat duct (outlet only), or high static tools
Stainless Steel
Abatement Tech.
Max Power:
8 amps
Max. Airflow :
1900 cfm
Max. Filter Stages:
1.5 HP
Outlet Size :
12 inches
8 amps
Static Pressure :
4.7 inches
131 lbs
2 inch prefilter, 24x24, (box of 12)
Save 12%
$90.00 $79.00
Save 17%
$145.00 $120.00
Locking Clamp 12 inch
Save 29%
$45.00 $32.00
Mylar Flex Duct 12 inch, (box of 4)
Save 17%
$70.00 $58.00
1 inch Prefilter Pad, 24x24, (box of 50)
Save 14%
$130.00 $112.00
Layflat Poly, 19 inch, Clear
Save 17%
$75.00 $62.00

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