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Nilfisk Alto Aero 26-21 HEPA Wet/Dry 7 gal Vacuum

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Nilfisk's new ALTO AERO series takes cleaning performance and productivity to a new level. The Nilfisk AERO 26-21 6.6-Gallon Shop Vacuum (900142/107419097) features a compact design made specifically for tough wet and dry jobsite clean-up. Make quick work of even the most difficult sanding projects with its 25-liter container capacity, 127 maximum CFM, and 84-inch maximum waterlift.

Nilfisk's Push & Clean feature also includes a semi-automatic filter cleaning system for quick and easy maintenance. For the highest level of filtration, consider the Aero 26 HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum model, which includes a HEPA filter to remove 99.97% of dust and debris down to .3 microns.

Quality Construction

The Nilfisk ALTO AERO series is built with German-engineered technology to ensure the highest-quality clean and reliability. Nilfisk engineers used their deep customer understanding and technical expertise to make wet/dry clean-up low maintenance. The easy-to-remove container makes disposing of waste a quick task, while its flat design was manufactured for tool storage during operation.

In addition, the AERO series vacuums are fully sealed so there's no blow-through dust—making them ideal for lead paint, asbestos, and remediation work. Its quality construction also makes it a top choice for professionals in the automotive, building and construction, and multiple other industries.

Big Mess Doesn't Mean High Stress

What separates the AERO 26 model from others in the series is the multiple convenience upgrades. Its Electric Autostart feature allows you to plug small electric tools into the vacuum. Sanding and grinding tools are often plugged in for quick work and less mess. An accessory net, flat-top design, and rubber strap for the hose make storing and using numerous other tools a low-maintenance task.

A lightweight canister design makes the Nilfisk ALTO AERO 26 a great option for cleaning wide open job sites as well as tight, difficult-to-reach spaces. It also allows for easy transport around your home or to various jobsites.

Push & Clean Filtration System

Working with fine dust can mean clogged filter cartridges. Nilfisk's Push & Clean system allows air to pass through the filter cartridge in the opposite direction to offer a gentle but effective filter cleaning. This semi-automatic system blasts dirt off the filter to easily restore high suction performance. To use this system on your ALTO AERO 26 vacuum, simply:

Block the hose inlet
Push and release the button
Then the air pulses in to clean the filter

The Nilfisk ALTO AERO 26 comes HEPA filter. This filtration catches 99.97% of all particles down to .3 microns. The available upgrade makes this model compliant with EPA RRP, OSHA, NIOSH, and DoD standards.

Multiple accessories make the Nilfisk ALTO AERO 26 a popular choice for tough wet and dry applications indoors or outdoors:

11.5-foot hose, Aluminum extension tube, Floor nozzle for wet and dry applications, Suction Brush, Tool Adapter with Regulator, Crevice nozzle, Universal nozzle, Tool Holder Kit, Dust Bag

7 gal
Max. Airflow :
127 cfm
92 inches
18 lbs
Nilfisk HEPA Filter (for Aero 21/26/Attix 30/50)
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