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TRM Weather-All Flame Retardant Polyethylene Sheeting, 20ft x 100ft, 6Mil, Clear, Roll, POLY620FR

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This 6Mil flame retardant sheeting is made of polyethylene plastic. The heavy-duty film can be used in winterize windows, cover equipment, as a moisture and vapor barrier, insulation, and a paint drop cloth. It also can be used as a vapor barrier and cover for curing concrete.

This multi-purpose polyethylene film is folded, wound on laminated cores, and packaged neatly in labeled cartons that are convenient for storage or handling.

This Weather-All Flame Retardant Polyethylene Sheeting is milky translucent white in color due to the content of stabilizing flame retardant additives designed specifically for low density polyethylene films. It is an antimony-trioxide-halogen based system, which imparts flame retardant properties by:

  • Interfering with the combustion process.
  • Reducing the transfer of heat from the flame to the film.
  • Resulting in a film that is much less flammable than those which are unstabilized.


  • Versatile poly sheeting that can be used in many applications, easy tape adhesion
  • Great for protecting product and items from harsh environments and any aggressive surrounding
  • Used as vapor barrier concrete cover, spray barrier or liner


  • Color:  Milky white
  • Dimension:  20ft x 100ft
  • Thickness Gauge: 6 mil
  • Weight per Roll:  58 lbs
  • Product Number:  POLY620FR
100 feet
Package Size:
6.0 mil

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