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Eddy 0031 Parquetry Replacement Blades 4 inch To remove parquet and commercial vinyl. For softer material use blades 0013 or 0014 with wide blades...

$5.00 $3.95
DryDex(R) Spackling by DAP(R) provides a unique dry time color indicator that lets you know when the patched surface is dry and ready to be sanded and...

$15.00 $10.95
Scrapes paint, smoothes wood, removes baseboards and nails. High carbon tempered steel Lever bar-Scraper is 0.1" thick Combination tool features one...

$20.00 $16.50
For scraping wall coverings, paint varnish, glass and wood Angled head 4" Razor sharp replaceable blade 18" handle Round handle with non-slip...

$7.00 $5.25
For scraping wall coverings, paint varnish, glass and wood 4" replacement razor-sharp steel blades For use on 13320 and 13325 Floor scrapers Pack...

$18.50 $14.95
Scrapes wallcovering, flooring, paint, varnish, glass and wood surfaces. Angled head 4" Razor sharp replaceable blade Round handle with non-slip...

$14.00 $10.95
Cleans paint rollers, cleans out cracks, opens paint cans, scrapes, sets nails, applies drywall compounds and spackle. CHARACTERISTICS Optimum...

$9.50 $7.50
Durable industrial knives to cut tough industrial materials, linoleum, carpet, wood, rubber, plastic and more High-quality chrome Vanadium steel...

$4.00 $3.35
Bulldog Steel Wool can be used for numerous workshop jobs. Cleaning, polishing, removing rust, dirt, grease etc.  Coarse, Pack of 6

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Eddy Tile Breaker is a portable tool ideal for breaking and removing ceramic and porcelain tiles and mortar. This ergonomic tool is designed to reduce...

$7.00 $5.75
Heavy Duty Staples 3/8" (10 mm) Universal Fit: Stanley, Arrow T50, PowerShot Pack of 1,500

$4.50 $3.75
Cuts all metals including nonferrous pipe conduit, stainless steel and sheet metals Use with materials 1/8" - 1/2" (3.2 - 13 mm) thick Bi-metal...