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Eddy Multi-purpose Floor Scraper

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Ideal for removing carpet, vinyl, linoleum, underpadding and old glue. This tool comes with 3 different kind of blades and with an extension handle. The tool itself only weighs 25 lbs (or 11.34 Kg) and with the handle attached it weighs 32 lbs (or 14.54 Kg). Because of its light weight, this tool allows you to work in confined spaces like stairs, attics or cellars.


  • No more struggling with floor covering preparation. 
  • Removes: carpeting, underpadding and vinyl tiles, glue, etc.
  • Work quickly, can be used on stairs
  • Absolute lightness: 32lbs (14.54Kg)
  • Ideal for new floor covering preparation
  • Does not damage the base surface


32 lbs

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