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$32.00 $24.90
Replacing the standard Gripper Pad with either of these Soft Pads enhances traction on wet surfaces and protects delicate surfaces. These extra wide pads...

$6.75 $5.25
QSR™ CLAMP & PIN KIT Each QSR™ Clamp & Pin Kit contains 4 pins and 4 clamps. Useful when erecting dust barriers, splatter guards or backdrops,...

$40.00 $31.90
There’s never been a solid steel hammer like the 20 oz Vaughan Steel Eagle®. Forged entirely of high quality, American made, high carbon steel with rust...

$7.50 $5.90
Wire brushes remove rust, scale and flaking paint. Also for roughing smooth surfaces before applying adhesives Wire Brush,4x19 rows, 14 inch Curved...