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Tools and Accessories

Carpet cleaning tools and accessories

$460.00 $379.00

FlashXtractor II by Waterclaw


$220.00 $175.00

Water Claw Flash Spotter


$110.00 $86.00

No more need to struggle while putting blocks underneath the heavy couch


$75.00 $59.00
51 LED Ultraviolet Light with Metal Body Powerful UV Flashlight for Urine Detection The best investment you'll ever make! Carpet cleaners know that...

$24.00 $19.00
Faucet Adapter Kit Now you can guarantee a connection to almost any faucet for clean water supply. This simple, small adapter will fit 90% of existing...

$18.00 $15.50
Tough, 2" wide nylon webbing and strong velcro make the Hose Hanger durable. Hang extra hoses up out of the way. Carry your first length into the job....

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water claw with injectors

$55.00 $43.00
Duckbill Napping Shears are the perfect tool for properly trimming carpet imperfections. The offset handle prevents accidental gouging when napping, and...

$30.00 $24.00
Two Arm, Coated Metal Tool Hanger Used on three tier shelving to hang tools, sprayers, wands, etc.

$295.00 $239.00
Hoses in... Unwanted Temperatures out! Cold air, hot air, bugs and animals are kept outside where they belong, winter or summer, when you use the quick...

$15.00 $12.50
Gum getter

$18.00 $14.50
The professional spotting tool. This tool is used to agitate and work chemical into a spot and lift off excess material. Impervious to the different...