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Carpet Prespray

$38.00 $26.90
Groom Solutions, pH: 12
Groom Solutions Stunned Traffic Lane Cleaner and Carpet Preconditioning Agent
$36.00 $29.60
Chemspec, pH: 12.5
Chemspec Trafficlean Traffic Lane Cleaner With Biosolv
$40.00 $31.90
Bridgepoint, pH: 12.5
Flex - Traffic Lane Cleaner. Heavy-duty liquid prespray.
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Benefect, pH: 9.7
Benefect Impact Carpet Cleaner is 100% botanically-based, non toxic and versatile. It is ideal for use as a carpet pre-spray, with in-tank extraction units, bonnet cleaners and as a general upholstery cleaner. It carries the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval for cleaning ability and carpet protection.
$49.00 $37.90
Esteam, pH: 10
Esteam Ammonia Traffic Lane is a special blend of ammonia, surfactants, brightening agents, and softeners that delivers powerful, reliable cleaning...
$46.00 $37.90

Hydro-Force Brush Pro Encapsulation Cleaner Carpet Prespray, CC602GL, 121325, 1635-2217

$56.00 $42.90
Prochem, pH: 11
Prochem Citrus Crush  is th e perfect blend of cleaning agents and d-limonene. It absolutely crushes oily soils. Tests have shown that Citrus Crush easily...
$58.00 $45.90
Prochem, pH: 11.8
Prochem Power Burst . Ultra-concentrated for an economical dilution ratio and the best choice for salvage cleaning of heavily soiled synthetic...
$62.00 $48.90
Prochem, pH: 12
Prochem Ultrapac is the industry's hottest ultra-powerful prespray that uses state-of-the-art nanotech “micro-robots” to bind and suspend soils for fast...
$65.00 $49.00
Bridgepoint, pH: 9.8
Blazin' Blue is a new generation of surfactants and builders that effectively emulsify and suspend even the most difficult soils. It will surpass all...