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Bridgepoint Zone Perfect Ultra Concentrated Prespray CC02GL

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Zone Perfect is a very robust prespray.  This best-selling, Bridgepoint prespray is a special blend of surfactants, and is packed with soil busting, grease cutting ingredients. At the standard dilution rate of 1:32, Zone Perfect melts greasy soils like nothing else. On lightly soiled carpets, you can even dilute as much as 1:48 and it's still very effective. With a ready-to-use pH of 4.5 to 5 and exceptional cleaning power, End Zone emulsifier/rinse agent leaves the carpet bright, with a soft hand, in a neutral state, with no re-soiling residue.


  • The perfect prespray for all types of synthetic carpets and most wool carpets
  • Soil-blasting, grease cutting ingredients with an unbeatable cleaning punch that out-cleans competitive products
  • Non-resoiling formula keeps the carpet cleaner longer
  • Ultra-concentrated, 1:32
  • Better ingredients = Better Performance

Even when diluted at 32 parts of water, Zone Perfect will out clean competitive products and do it with a safe pH of 9.5!

  • Dilution Ratios: 4 oz./gal. RTU  
  • pH: 9.5  
  • Contains: 1 gallon (4/case)
  • Product Code: CC02GL (1674-2619)


Shake well before using. To be used as a prespray for soiled carpets. Product should be extracted after use. It can be used on all synthetic carpets, including 5th generation nylon. Zone Perfect is designed for use in the Hydro-Force sprayer and other types of pump sprayers.

For use with Hydro-Force Sprayer: Dilute 1 part Zone Perfect to 1 part water in the 5 quart container. Set the sprayer at a 1 to 16 dilution. For use with regular 1-8 Hydro-Force, dilute 1 part Zone Perfect to 3 parts water. Do not allow carpet to dry before extraction.

For use with Pump/Electric Sprayers: Dilute 4 oz. Zone Perfect to 1 gallon hot water (1 to 32). For exceptionally heavy soil, dilute 6 ounces per gallon (1-24). Spray until carpet is damp. Extract with your normal process. Do not allow carpet to dry before extraction.



SDS (cc02-zone-perfect-sds.pdf, 289 Kb) [Download]

Datasheet (cc02_zone_perfect_spec.pdf, 551 Kb) [Download]

Label (cc02gl_zone_perfect_label.pdf, 330 Kb) [Download]

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