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Carpet Rinse

$69.00 $55.00
Chemspec, pH: 9.5
Benefect Impact Carpet Cleaner is 100% botanically-based, non toxic and versatile. It is ideal for use as a carpet pre-spray, with in-tank extraction units, bonnet cleaners and as a general upholstery cleaner. It carries the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval for cleaning ability and carpet protection.

$35.00 $27.90
Groom, pH: 3.5
Extraction Emulsifier/Neutralizer

$42.00 $35.00
Bridgepoint, pH: 4.5
This acid rinse leaves carpet fibers absolutely their cleanest, free from both soil and detergent residue. State-of-the art polymer technology insures that carpet won't resoil due to detergent residues.

$290.00 $244.00

Flex Fire Powdered Alkaline Extraction Rinse


$70.00 $52.00

Flex Fire Powdered Alkaline Extraction Rinse


$72.00 $54.00
Esteam, pH: 9.7
Performance CBS is Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) certified as a premium carpet emulsifier. Experience the absolute power of cleaning. Performance CBS...

$85.00 $69.00
Esteam, pH: 10.6
Liquid CBS is an ultra concentrated liquid emulsifier effective on a broad spectrum of soiled fibres. Its unique cutting edge technology rapidly dissolves...

$36.00 $29.00
Esteam, pH: 2.7
Fibre Rinse is a specially developed rinsing solution designed to be used in the final step of wet cleaning. Fibre Rinse neutralizes alkalinity and removes...

$130.00 $99.00
Bridgepoint, pH: 7.5
Dye-Loc is a water-based fixing agent for direct and reactive dyes. It significantly improves both washfastness and crockfastness of dyed cellulosic and...

$50.00 $38.00
Chemspec, pH: 4.12
A complete rising agent – features more cleaning power than regular rinses and uses anti-wicking agents to stop browning. Optimal Rinse is a mild...

$52.00 $39.90
Chemspec, pH: 10.8
DynaForce 77 with Biosolv can be used in both truck mount and portable extraction units. Because DynaForce 77 with Biosolv is instantly soluble,...

$70.00 $56.00
Bridgepoint, pH: 5

Flex ICE Powdered Neutralizing Extraction Rinse