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EClean (Esteam) Rinse All (Fiber Rinse)

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Esteam Rinse All

Rinse All is a rinsing agent that neutralizes alkalinity and removes detergent residues from carpet and wet cleanable upholsteries. Using Rinse All as a final step in your cleaning process will also help to stabilize dyes and prevent browning.

Directions for use:

Do not mix this product with any other chemical product. Pretest in an inconspicuous location for color fastness.

Portable: Mix 42ml (1 1/2 oz) of Rinse All per 3.78 L (1 gal) of water. (1:89 Dilution)

Truckmounts: Mix 908 ml (32 oz) of Rinse All into 18.9 L (5 gal) of water to make a concentrated truckmount slurry. Set metering system at 2 GPH

  • Diluted pH: 2.7
  • Dilution Ratio: 1:89
  • Packaged in: 4 L, 20 L & 205 L

MSDS (MSDS_Esteam_C105-125_Rinse-All_(Fibre_Rinse)_Jan2014.pdf, 813 Kb) [Download]

Datasheet (Datasheet_Esteam_C105-125_Rinse-All_(Fibre_Rinse).pdf, 205 Kb) [Download]

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