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One Earth Green Carpet Cleaner/Prespray, 6.5lb

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Clean without the use of synthetic surfactant chemistry! This product turns all soils and surfactant residues into free-rinsing soaps for fast, complete removal. Neutralizes all alkali or acid residues in carpets and upholstery. Product converts from an alkali to an acid as it cleans; when it is completely dry, it is pH neutral. 

Use in low moisture cleaning systems and with portables and truckmount extraction equipment. Works great as a prespray and low moisture cleaner for light to moderately soiled carpeting. For heavier soils, use as an emulsifying rinse after cleaning with One Earth Carpet Cleaner and Prespray. Safe for use on wool and stain-resist carpeting.

RTU PH: 9.5   gallon


Dilution instructions for prespray. For Pressure sprayer application: Add 6 ounces of concentrate with enough water to make one gallon of ready to use solution (47 mL/L). (20:1) Use cold tap water.
Dilution instructions for rinse agent: Add 2 ounces of concentrate with enough cold water to make one gallon of ready to use solution (16 mL / L). (64:1).
Dilution instructions for low moisture cleaning processes: Add 2 ounces of concentrate with enough water to make 1 gallon (64:1). Use cold water.

a. Preinspect / prequalify / pretreat spots as needed. Be sure to check for the compatibility of the product with the carpet.

b. Post wet floor signs as needed. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly. The vacuuming step is often overlooked because it is so labor intensive. Proper vacuuming, however, removes as much as 80% of dry, particulate soil. Vacuuming reduces the probability of wicking during the drying process.

c. Apply RTU solution at the rate of 0.5 gallons per 100 square feet of carpet. (2 L per 10 M2). Avoid overspray on surfaces not being cleaned.

d. Allow adequate dwell time but do not allow the solution to dry on the carpet. If the solution dries, extra time will be necessary to retreat the carpet to dissolve the product residues as well as the soil.

e. For best results, use agitation to work the RTU solution into the carpet fibers.

f. Rinse extract with 1:64 solution.

g. Groom the carpet to align fibers. This improves carpet appearance and reduces drying time.

h. Use sufficient airflow to assure that the


SDS (One_Earth_Carpet_Rinse_SDS.pdf, 297 Kb) [Download]

Manual (CS_OneEarth_Rinse_UserGuide.pdf, 300 Kb) [Download]

Label (One_Earth_Rinse_label.pdf, 215 Kb) [Download]

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