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Carpet Spotters

$70.00 $53.90
Esteam, pH: 9.7
Vanish is an easy to use two part system which will eliminate most coffee, fruit juice and many other stains. This amazing product works like magic. Just...

$42.00 $32.90
Esteam, pH: 9.7
Note: This refill requires sprayers - Esteam Vanish Spray-Pack Vanish is an easy to use two part system which will eliminate most coffee, fruit...

$52.00 $36.00
Esteam, pH: 6.7
Super Spotter is a special blend of surfactants and solvents. This water based formulation is safe and easy to use. Removes a wide variety of common spots...

$20.00 $15.90
Esteam, pH: 5.8
Vanish Fusion is a ready to use (RTU) one part system, no mixing required, non VOC stain remover that effectively removes a wide variety of organic and...

$25.00 $19.50
Groom, pH: 3
Liquid Browning/Coffee Free Browning Treatment and Coffee Stain Remover is specially formulated to effectively deal with two of the most problematic and...

$20.00 $14.90
Bridgepoint, pH: 3.5
Spot Stop. The encapsulating polymer additive will virtually eliminate wicking of soil or spills after effective stain removal techniques have been...

$16.00 $12.50
Esteam, pH: 11.3
Blood Remover is a specially designed product for the removal of blood stains and eliminating odor from decomposing blood. Features...

Chemspec, pH: 5.2
Chemspec Rx for Fringe is t he cure for cotton fringe browning. It is an oxygen-releasing bleach for use on undyed cotton fringes of Oriental rugs and...

$50.00 $38.90
Chemspec, pH: 7.76
Fast Drying Upholstery Shampoo from Chemspec is a n eutral pH shampoo designed to deliver deep cleaning on natural or synthetic upholstery fabrics....

$94.00 $76.90
Citrus Pro. This professional-strength citrus-based cleaning additive will muscle through tough oil and grease. VOC compliant and safe for stain-resistant...