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Carpet Spotters

$250.00 $198.00

Professional Spotting Kit with Bag, Bridgepoint Professional Spot and Stain Removal Kit


$24.00 $18.50
Filtration Soil Remover (Quart)

$98.00 $82.00

Citrus Solv II, Cleaning Booster and Fragrance Additive
1 gallon


$79.00 $59.00
Citrus Burst Booster is a multipurpose cleaning solution boosting agent as well as an extremely effective solvent spotter for use on carpet and upholstery,...

$75.00 $59.00
Bridgepoint, pH: 10
PetZONE with Hydrocide. Odor and stain eliminator. Safe and effective on all synthetic carpets.

$57.00 $46.90
Gelled Citrus Solvent Specialty Adhesive Remover, HydraMaster OJ   sets the standard for gelled solvents in the cleaning industry. OJ uses all natural...

$27.00 $22.00
Bridgepoint, pH: 7.5
RedZONE Ready is a one step, highly effective, food and beverage stain removal process that is designed to alter the structure of stains by removing or...

$16.00 $13.00
Bridgepoint, pH: 9.5
Avenge Spotter has long been the standard for professionals to safely and effectively remove all types of spots, spills, and stains. Avenge Pro moves to...

$24.00 $19.50
Bridgepoint, pH: 8
  All Solv Extreme is a multi-purpose gelled solvent formulated for use on carpet and fabric that is designed to remove ballpoint pen, stamp pad ,...

$52.00 $41.00
Stain Magic for Wool is formulated specifically to remove organic stains such as coffee, tea, wine, urine, plant stains, etc from natural fibers such as...