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Bridgepoint Avenge Legendary Stain Remover, quart

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For Safe and Effective Removal of Most Stains!

Spot and Stain Remover has a neutral pH and yet will remove over 85% of stains from carpet and upholstery safely and effectively!  Avenge has a unique synergistic action that works extremely well on most water-based stains, as well as many combination oil and water-based stains.

Use Avenge to remove these "impossible" stains: blood, pet stains, urine, catsup, chocolate, coffee, tea, food, liquor, most shoe polish, cosmetics, crayon, washable ink, grime, iodine, mildew, oil, latex, paint and many more!!!

Exceptions: dyes, indelible ink, bleach, or stains set by heat or other cleaning processes

  • Dilution Ratios: RTU    
  • RTU pH: 7    
  • Contains: 1 quart (940ml)


1. Always pretest for colorfastness and fiber distortion in an inconspicuous area. Do not apply to color sensitive fibers, leather, satin,
silk, suede, velvet, non-colorfast wool, or any fabric that can be damaged by water based solutions.

2. Remove as much of the spilled material as possible prior to solution application. If particle or powder spill, dry vacuum up. If liquid spill, blot with colorfast, absorbent towel. If sticky material, use spotting spatula or dull knife to remove as much of the material as possible.

3. Apply solution liberally to spot with flip top applicator. Agitate into spot with spotting spatula, tamp area with spotting brush, or blot spot with colorfast absorbent towel. Allow solution to dwell for 2-3 minutes.

4. At a minimum, blot area with clean, white absorbent towel. For best results, extract area and rinse with water.

5. For treatment of upholstery, apply Avenge to clean, white colorfast absorbent towel and blot and agitate onto spot or stain. Blot area with the towel and repeat the process if necessary.


SDS (SDS_Bridgepoint_CS07QT_Avenge_Stain_Remover_1qt_June2013.pdf, 111 Kb) [Download]

Datasheet (Datasheet_Bridgepoint_CS07QT_Avenge_-_Legendary_Neutral_Spotter_Stain_Remover_1qt.pdf, 744 Kb) [Download]

Label (Label_Bridgepoint_CS07QT_Avenge_-_Legendary_Neutral_Spotter_Stain_Remover_1qt.pdf, 446 Kb) [Download]

Avenge Legendary Neutral Spotter, gal
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