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Prochem Filter Out, Filtration Soil Remover, B171, 1 Quart, 101023 / 8.695-056.0

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Prochem Filter Out removes filtration soil lines, toner, carbon soils, soot and other charged particle soils.

Filtration soils are one of the toughest problems in professional carpet cleaning. Air is forced through the carpet pile at doorways, against walls, and near HVAC vents and registers. The carpet pile acts as a filter for airborne particles, removing them from the airstream. These particles cling tightly to the carpet fibers through electrostatic and mechanical attraction. Over time this can form a tough soil that is a real challenge to remove… until now.

Filter Out removes air filtration soil lines along walls, under doors and near heating and air conditioning vents, where airborne particles are filtered out and deposited in carpet pile. Exclusive Prochem formulation technology defeats the particle charge attraction and allows the soil to be extracted away. Solves problems that you couldn’t solve before.

Filter Out also can remove other types of tough spots, including copier, printer and fax machine toner spills, carbon-containing soils, carbon soot, and other charged particle soils which are strongly attracted to fibers.


  • Removes filtration soil lines from carpet along walls and doorways.
  • Extracts dry toner spills near copiers, fax machines, laser printers
  • Rinse-extract with water or Prochem’s All Fiber Rinse solution.
  • Available ready-to-use in quart bottles with convenient applicator cap


  • Coverage:  Dependent on application
  • Form:  Liquid
  • Colour:  Light Green
  • Odour:  Floral
  • RTU ph:  10 to 10.5
  • Package size:  1 Quart (1 litre)
  • Ready to use:  Yes
  • Dilution:  RTU
  • Product number:  101023 / 8.695-056.0 / B171

Product Application

  1. Pre-vacuum thoroughly to remove loose soil, especially dry toner.
  2. Apply Filter Out to saturate fibers in soiled areas. Allow 3-5 minutes dwell time to loosen soil. Agitate with a soft brush or groomer to help break loose tough spots.
  3. Extract completely using hot water or All Fiber Rinse solution. Repeat if needed.
  4. Lightly brush or groom to align fibers.


  • Pre-vacuum toner spills repeatedly to remove as much loose toner as possible before wet cleaning. Use a vacuum hose attachment or a vacuum without a beater bar to avoid spreading toner.
  • Always rinse-extract to remove soil and residues.
  • Apply a carpet protector such as FourGuard to restore soil and stain resistance.
  • Filter Out is not recommended for use on upholstery fabrics
Coverage Area:
Dependent on application
Package Size:
1 Quart (.94 L)
Ready To Use:
  • Yes

Product Spec Sheet (101023_Filter-Out_Spec_Sheet.pdf, 409 Kb) [Download]

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) English (101023_Filter_Out_SDS_Eng.pdf, 1,321 Kb) [Download]

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) French (101023_Filter_Out_SDS_Fre.pdf, 492 Kb) [Download]

Label (101023_Filter_Out_Label.pdf, 169 Kb) [Download]

User Guide (101023_Filter_Out_B171_User_Guide.pdf, 103 Kb) [Download]

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