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Hydro-Force Foam-Less Liquid Defoamer, 1 Gallon, CH47GL / 90926 / A90926

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High pressure cleaning equipment and residue from past cleaning often combine to create foam in your waste tank. Foam can cause loss of vacuum pressure and ruin your equipment. Foam-Less Liquid Defoamer reduces foam caused by detergent left over from previous cleanings, and when you're using a high-foaming cleaner. Foam from detergent buildup makes your machine work harder. It can ruin your equipment and cut its cleaning effectiveness. Prevent foam problems by adding Foam-Less through your vac hose or directly into your waste tank. Foam-Less in your waste tank suppresses foam to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency. Don't let a little foam slow you down.


  • Highly concentrated
  • Prevent foam problems
  • Suppresses foam to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency


  • Coverage:  N/A
  • Form:  Liquid
  • Colour:  No information
  • Odour:  Slight amine
  • RTU pH:  7
  • Package Size:  1 Gallon (3.79 L)
  • Ready to Use:  No
  • Dilution Ratio:  1:16
  • Product Number:  CH47GL / 90926 / A90926

Product Application

Shake well before use. Concentrate - add 1 to 2 oz. directly into waste tank before cleaning and after dumping tank. Increase or decrease amount depending on foaming conditions created by water flow, previous residue and/or size of tank.

Dilution - 1 part to 16 parts of water when pouring or spraying in vacuum hose periodically during cleaning. Increase or decrease dilution of product depending on foaming conditions created by water flow, previous residue, auto pump outs and/or size of tank.

Dilution Ratio:
Package Size:
1 Gallon
Ready To Use:
  • Dependent on application

Product Data Sheet (90926-Spec-Sheet-CH47GL.pdf, 547 Kb) [Download]

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) English (ch47-foam-less-liquid-defoamer-sds-hydrogroom-en.pdf, 118 Kb) [Download]

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) French (ch47-foam-less-liquid-defoamer-sds-hydrogroom-cf.pdf, 120 Kb) [Download]

Label (90926-LBL-A90926-Foam-Less-CH47GL-V5-en.pdf, 931 Kb) [Download]

Self Print Mini Labels (90926-Mini-Labels-CH47GL.doc, 656 Kb) [Download]

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