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Bridgepoint Encapuclean O2, gal

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Encapuclean O2

The Most Versatile Encapsulation Product Available in the Industry Today

Encapuclean O2 combines a synergistic hydrogen peroxide detergent blend with a special encapsulating polymer to bring you the most versatile encapsulation product available. The unique peroxide boost in Encapuclean O2 helps activate the other key ingredients enabling it to remove soils and stains from most any source. It also helps effectively remove many spills and spots (coffee, wine, blood, urine caused discoloration, and more) during the cleaning process. Carpets cleaned with encapsulating polymers have been demonstrated to stay cleaner longer than when traditional cleaning solutions are used. (4/case)

As with other products in the Encapuclean family, the encapsulating polymer bonds to, surrounds, and encapsulates soil allowing it to be removed from the carpet during routine post-vacuuming. In addition, the unique polymer blend helps resist soiling long after the cleaning process. Encapuclean O2 contains no harsh solvents or high pH phosphates, making it safe and effective to use on all synthetic carpet and wool.

Encapuclean O2 can be used effectively as a hot water extraction prespray, a low moisture encapsulation cleaner, a bonnet cleaning solution, an encapsulating hot water extraction rinse, and as a carpet spotting agent. For low moisture encapsulation cleaning, it can be used in conjunction with a Brush Pro counter-rotating cylindrical brush agitation machine, a Cimex Machine, as part of a bonnet cleaning system, and with an oscillating agitation machine.

Dilution Ratios: 1:12     RTU pH: 5.5     Contains: 1 gallon


SDS (SDS_Bridgepoint_CC17GL_Encapuclean_O2_Encapsulation_Cleaner_Carpet_Prespray_1gal_Sep2013.pdf, 139 Kb) [Download]

Label (Label_Bridgepoint_CC17GL_Encapuclean_O2_Encapsulation_Cleaner_Carpet_Prespray_1gal.pdf, 488 Kb) [Download]

Datasheet (Datasheet_Bridgepoint_CC17GL_Encapuclean_O2_Encapsulation_Cleaner_Carpet_Prespray_1gal.pdf, 263 Kb) [Download]

Great all round encap. Perfect for when you have lots of organic stains. Purchase by the case and sycorp gives great discounts. My go to encap.
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