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Hydro-Force Brush Pro Carpet Prespray, 1 Gallon, CC602GL / 121325 / 1635-2217

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Brush Pro Carpet Prespray is a low moisture liquid carpet cleaner that utilizes the latest encapsulation chemistry to emulsify and surround dirt for easy removal. Use as a spotter, pre-spray when using brush pro dry compound, or as a stand alone encapsulate cleaner with the Brush Pro machine.

Brush Pro Carpet Prespray loosens then encapsulates the soil for easy removal with a vacuum. There are no sticky residues.


  • Neutral ph
  • Carpets stay cleaner longer
  • When used with the compound and machine, a CRI certified system component
  • For use as a prespray or stand alone encapsulate cleaner on synthetic or wool carpet


  • Coverage:  1 Gallon RTU covers 600 sq ft
  • Form:  Liquid
  • Colour:  Off White
  • Odour:  Characteristic
  • RTU ph:  No information
  • Package Size:  1 gal (3.78 L)
  • Ready to use:  Yes/No
  • Dilution:  10 oz to 1 gallon of warm/hot water
  • Product Number:  CC602GL / CC602 / 121325 / 1635-2217

Product Application

Spot Remover: Apply Prespray to a clean towel. Moisten the stain. Dab the dissolved stain away. Do not rub

Encapsulation: Mix 10 ounces of Brush Pro Carpet Prespray to 1 gallon of water. Mist onto soiled carpet. Brush in with Brush Pro. Vacuum when dry.

Prespray for Brush Pro Dry Compound: Mix 5 ounces of Brush Pro Carpet Prespray to 1 gallon of water. Mist onto soiled carpet. Do not soak the carpet. Apply dry compound. Brush in with Brush Pro. Pick up compound with Brush Pro lifter attachments.

Coverage Area:
600 sq ft/RTU gallon
10 oz per gal
Package Size:
1 Gallon
Ready To Use:
  • No
  • Yes

Product Spec Sheet (cc602gl_brush_pro_carpet_prespray.pdf, 600 Kb) [Download]

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) English (121325-SDS-CC602GL-en.pdf, 117 Kb) [Download]

Label (121325-Spec-Sheet-CC602GL.pdf, 592 Kb) [Download]

Self Print Mini Labels (121325-Mini-Labels-CC602GL.doc, 281 Kb) [Download]

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