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Bridgepoint Bio Release All-In-One Urine Stain/Odor Solution

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This solution uses more than 20 ingredients to break down contaminants so that they are easily rinsed away. Bio Release will also digest the remaining organic source material, leaving carpets fresh and clean.

Bio Release is a very versatile product and can be diluted anywhere from 1:4 down to a “Ready to Use” application depending on level of contamination, amount of time available to complete the job, fiber type and other factors. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to apply Bio Release more heavily and allow for a longer dwell time. This dwell time enables the enzymes and surfactants to break down stains and contaminants for better bacterial action and for more thorough flushing. The more time and/ or more solution, the better the results. Flush affected areas thoroughly with Water Claw Injection Tool (Part # AC016INJ) and clean as needed.

Bio Release is also a very good cleaning and stain removal product. Often, no further chemistry is needed to complete the job. However, in some cases of severe staining, it may be a good idea to apply Bridgepoint Systems Urine Stain Remover (Part # CS18GL) after cleaning. This is a peroxidebased post spray that is very effective at removing stubborn stains that still remain after treatment.

A note about Oriental rugs. Rug plant situations are ideal since the Bio Release can be applied front and back with extended dwell time before rinsing. Extensive pre-testing for dye migration is essential before any treatments. It also may not be necessary to add any additional cleaning steps as the rinsing of the Bio Release may result in a suitable cleaning outcome.

  • Ultimate science-based, all-in-one stain and odor solution
  • No additional ingredients necessary
  • Uses for targeted enzymes
  • Eliminates odors and breaks down urine pigments
  • Blends ionic and low foam non-ionic surfactants for breakdown of lipids and dispersion of contaminants in liquid solution for easier removal
  • Minimal foam for easy rinsing
  • Anionic polymer limits wicking during drying and limits re-soiling on treated spots
  • Concentrated, active solution

In many cases, a 1 to 4 dilution will provide a sufficient prespray for an entire room. Bio Release can also be diluted 1 to 1, 1, 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 depending on dwell time and the severity of the problem. The amount of product used can be determined by dilution and/or the amount of solution applied. 


This unique formulation will work on almost all urine damage. Extreme cases, usually as a result of months of neglect, can be treated with additional steps. Refer to the Bio Release Spec Sheet for more information.

  • Inspect surface to be treated with a UV light or other urine detection device to ensure all affected areas are located.
  • Test for colorfastness or dye stability in an inconspicuous area prior to application.
  • Dilute 1:4 with lukewarm water in pump or electric sprayer or injection system. If using a truckmount with a HydroForce Injection Sprayer, adjust machine to lowest heat setting.
  • For large or heavily contaminated areas, product may be mixed in a bucket and applied directly to affected area.
  • For best results, solution must come in contact with carpet, backing, pad, or any other affected area.
    Standard dwell time for most situations is only 15-20 minutes. For extreme situations, increase to 1-2 hours. Avoid overwetting water sensitive surfaces.
  • For best results, flush affected areas thoroughly with Water Claw Injection Tool (Part # AC016INJ).
  • Clean affected area as normal after treatment.
  • Bio Release may be injected with a syringe at the 1:4 dilution after cleaning to assist with any lingering odors.

SDS (SDS-bio-release-English.pdf, 135 Kb) [Download]

Label (Label-Bio_Release.pdf, 531 Kb) [Download]

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