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Concrobium Odor & Moisture Control Desiccant Packs

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Restoration professionals are trusted to pack, transport and store valuable customer contents. Yet stored contents and their containers are often subjected to high humidity and stagnant air. Concrobium Odor and Moisture Control Desiccant Packs ensure contents remain odor-free, dry and protected. 


  • Absorb and control odor in packed contents boxes, containers and pods
  • Reduce humidity in contained, unattended spaces to help protect contents against mold damage and musty odor
  • Low profile, easy-to-place pouches that fit easily into pack-out boxes
  • Completely non-toxic, biodegradable and easily discarded after use
  • Three different sizes suitable for use in differentsized pack-out and storage containers

Ideal for

  • Contents processing and packing: Insert Regularsized Concrobium desiccant packs into contents boxes to help protect sensitive/hygroscopic contents
  • Storage: Air-conditioned storage is not always practical or possible. Extra-large Concrobium desiccant packs provide odour and humidity control in storage containers.
  • Specialty contents items: Electronics, documents and other valuable contents require extra care. Mini Concrobium desiccant packs are ideal for humidity control in small, sealed spaces.

Usage Tips

  • Use in non-climate controlled areas as a preventative measure against mold and musty odors.
  • If standard pack-out boxes are contained in a larger storage container that is subjected to extreme humidity, add XL packs inside the larger container to reduce ambient humidity.
  • Concrobium desiccant packs will continue to absorb odors and moisture in 60% RH conditions for at least 30 days.
  • The number and size of packs required depends on humidity conditions; check packs periodically to ensure effectiveness.


  • Core technology: Zeolite + absorbant polymer matrix
  • Mass: 260 gram (9.2 oz)
  • Target Use: 50 ft3
  • Target Container Humidity: 25% RH
  • Duration of Use: up to 3 months
  • Conforms to Mil-D3464E
  • Pack size: 20cm x 18.5cm (7.9" x 7.3")
  • Sold by Case of 26 packs

Also available in mini (50g) and XL (1 kg) sizes

0.5 lbs

Data Sheet (CPD_PRO_US_Sell_Sheet_2016_final_v2.pdf, 304 Kb) [Download]

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