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Odour Control

$145.00 $116.00
Cartridges are filled with an essential oil membrane. The oils sweat through the membrane and are dispersed into the air as a dry vapor with the help of air...

$475.00 $389.00
RESTORATOR ODOUR CONTROL SYSTEM The Restorator is a simple-to-use, portable electric system that quickly, safely and effectively neutralizes odour in...

$650.00 $565.00
A rechargeable, easy-to-use, portable, dry vapor system. Put the battery-powered unit to work where electrical power has been interrupted or is not easily...

$165.00 $132.00
SOS Smoker Odour Solution Cartridge for Restorator S.O.S cartridges neutralize odours associated with fire and smoke damage and are for use with the...