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Hydro-Force Viper Venom II, Tile And Grout Cleaner, 3.79L Gallon, CR21GL

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Viper Venom II represents the next generation of tile and grout cleaners. Cutting-edge surfactant technology enhances penetration and emulsification of oily soils reducing, or eliminating, exhausting scrubbing of the grout lines. A proven blend of ingredients clean a wide range of soils and oils from hard surfaces like tile and grout, and sealed concrete. Special additives “bond” to particulate soils and hold them in suspension so they can be freely rinsed away without redepositing back into porous grout.

Viper Venom II uses an odorless solvent mixture that allows the cleaner to add a citrus booster or fragrance of their choice to suit their customer’s, or their own, personal preference.


  • 270% increase in grease-cutting surfactants than Viper Venom. This results in improved cleaning power without needing to rely on solvents.
  • 100% reduction in noxious solvent making it easier to work in confined spaces with poor ventilation.
  • 50% reduction in foam levels. Next-gen surfactants cut through oils with minimal foam.
  • Improved safety formulation without sacrificing cleaning effectiveness.
  • 60% reduction in ready-to-use cost. Increased, and improved surfactant blend, allows you to get the same cleaning performance at a lower dilution.


  • Coverage:  Dependent on application
  • Form:  Liquid
  • Colour:  Clear
  • Odour:  Characteristic
  • pH:  11.5
  • Package size:  1 Gallon (3.79 L)
  • Ready to use:  No
  • Dilution ratio:  1:4 to 1:16
  • Product number:  CR21GL

Product Application

Grout and tile maintenance: Dilute 1 part Viper Venom II with 16 parts hot water.

Grout and tile restoration: For special case, hard-to-remove soils, dilute 1 part Viper Venom II with 4 parts hot water for extreme cleaning. Low pressure spray onto grout and tile and allow to dwell for 5 minutes, but do not allow to dry before cleaning/extracting. Add oxygen and/or citrus booster when neccessary for grout whitening and enhanced degreasing.

Coverage Area:
Dependent on application
Dilution Ratio:
1:4 to 1:16
Package Size:
3.79L Gal
Ready To Use:
  • No

Product Data Sheet (CR21GL_PDS.pdf, 778 Kb) [Download]

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) English (CR21GL_SDS_Eng.pdf, 298 Kb) [Download]

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) French (CR21GL_SDS_Fre.pdf, 72 Kb) [Download]

Label (CR21GL_Label.pdf, 1,206 Kb) [Download]

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