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Tile and Grout Cleaning

$38.00 $29.50
Bridgepoint, pH: 7
Spinergy Vivid Stone and Tile Cleaner is the perfect solution for maintenance cleaning of stone and tile floors, countertops and more. It is formulated to...

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Esteam, pH: 8
Tile & Grout Acidic Cleaner is an all purpose cleaner with the technology to loosen oils and soils from all types of hard surfaces and holds them in...

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Esteam, pH: 4.3
Tile & Grout Sealer is a water based, ready to use, penetrating sealer that forms a durable transparent barrier against oil and water based soils. Tile...

$65.00 $57.00
TMF, pH: 12
We are really excited about our new Preload 5. After testing in the field (not a laboratory with fake dirt) I personally feel it could be the best pre spray...

$80.00 $69.00
TMF, pH: 12.5
Tile Master cuts through grease and dirt build-up on your kitchen and bathroom floors, leaving them clean and bright!  Designed exclusively by...