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Regenerate - Cleaner and Finish Revitalizer, gal

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Spinergy Regenerate is the ideal periodic maintenance product for cleaning everyday messes and spills while simultaneously refreshing, revitalizing and rejuvenating the fine finish, spill repellency, and appearance of your stone surface investment. Formulated specifically for cleaning stone surfaces, Spinergy Stone Rejuvenator does not contain harmful mineral dissolving agents contained in most surface cleaners. It has a safe, gentle formula for your fine stone, while still tackling common everyday soil and grime that can build up form normal usage. The built-in sealer rejuvenates the shine and refreshes the finish of your stone investment. This product can be safely and effectively used on stone floors, granite countertops and virtually any fine stone surface, including marble, limestone, slate, terrazzo, travertine, and sandstone. It can also effectively be used on ceramic and porcelain tile surfaces.(4/case)


Datasheet - Regenerate - Cleaner and Finish Revitalizer (Datasheet_CST04GL_Regenerate_-_Cleaner_and_Finish_Revitalizer,_gal001.pdf, 413 Kb) [Download]

Label - Regenerate - Cleaner and Finish Revitalizer (Label_CST04GL_Regenerate_-_Cleaner_and_Finish_Revitalizer,_gal001.pdf, 849 Kb) [Download]

MSDS Sheet - Regenerate - Cleaner and Finish Revitalizer (Bridgepoint_Systems_CST04GL_Regenerate_-_Cleaner_and_Finish_Revitalizer,_gal_(4per_case)_02-01-20110, 158 Kb) [Download]

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