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Viper Peroxiblast Powder

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Viper Peroxiblastâ„¢ Powder

Peroxide Activated Alkaline Concrete, Tile & Grout Cleaner and Degreaser.

Viper Peroxiblast Powder is a synergistic product breakthrough that cleans and degreases the grungiest concrete, tile and grout floors, fixtures, and walls with a concentrated balance of surfactants and alkaline builders that are oxygen activated. This high performance, heavy-duty concrete, tile and grout cleaner and degreaser safely replaces mineral spirits and chlorinated solvent-based heavy-duty concrete degreaser products.

Peroxiblast Powder penetrates concrete surfaces on contact to soften, lift, and remove a wide range of oils, soils, fats and greases. Can be safely and effectively used with virtually any hard surface floor cleaning brush or mop system.

Dilution Ratios: 2-4 oz./gal. RTU pH: 12-12.2 Contains: 7.5 pounds


MSDS (MSDS_Bridgepoint_CH48A_Viper_Peroxiblast_Powder_Alkaline_Concrete,_Tile_&_Grout_Cleaner_7.5lbs_Apr20, 27 Kb) [Download]

Datasheet (Datasheet_Bridgepoint_CH48A_Viper_Peroxiblast_Powder_Alkaline_Concrete,_Tile_&_Grout_Cleaner_7.5lbs., 1,098 Kb) [Download]

Label (Label_Bridgepoint_CH48A_Viper_Peroxiblast_Powder_Alkaline_Concrete,_Tile_&_Grout_Cleaner_7.5lbs.pdf, 603 Kb) [Download]

SDS (SDS_Bridgepoint_CH48A_Viper_Peroxiblast_Powder_Alkaline_Concrete,_Tile_&_Grout_Cleaner_7.5lbs_Apr201, 300 Kb) [Download]

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