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$325.00 $219.00
Floor - Clamshell, Dry Air, Max Power: 3 amps, Max. Airflow: 1250 cfm, 3 amps

Dry Air Technology air movers are conveniently small and extremely lightweight yet powerful enough to create air flow beyond your expectations.


$650.00 $399.00
Axial - Ductable , Dry Air, Max Power: 7 amps, Max. Airflow: 2000 cfm, Outlet Size: 12 inches, 7.1 amps
The VAF-12E is the marine professionalÂ’s top choice for confined space ventilation, exhausting fumes and spot cooling.

$1,250.00 $775.00

A specialty centrifugal airmover adapter which has five 4" ducting ports for drying walls, finished wood flooring and gymnasium flooring system. Dries 31 linear feet of wall or flooring as packaged.


$150.00 $75.00
Extech, Envasive (Pins)
Clearance - 1 only - Regularly $120.00 2-in-1 Digital LCD and analog bargraph Measures wood moisture and building material moisture...

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Clearance Sale while supplies last - regular $88.00 ODORx Thermo-55â„¢ Cherry Solvent-based odor counteractant for thermal fogging. Blend of highly...

$365.00 $199.00
Clearance - 1 only regular $315.00 17mm camera diameter and 3.5" Color TFT LCD Wireless Monitor Memory card for capturing images (JPEG) or...