Dry Air Force 9 Air Mover

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The Force 9 has two speeds pulling an amazingly low 1 1⁄2 amps on low and only 2 1⁄2 amps on high.

Hour Meter tracks the hours of operation. This is a great way to ensure your equipment is not being turned off after you leave.

The GFCI Daisy-Chain panel lets you connect up to five (On High Speed) Force 9 units safely from a single outlet. Five units can stretch up to 100 feet from the outlet. This limits the need for extension cords and keeps the job site less cluttered.

All Force 9 units have molded in to the shell, a Performance Pitch Arrow. Point the arrow directly at the wall when lining the Force 9s around the room and you have the Force 9 positioned for the maximum floor and wall coverage. The performance arrow was tested and set by Chuck Dewald from the American Drying Institute (Formerly the Vortex Dring School).

Low amperage design allows you to run more units per 15-amp circuit. Power is always a concern when setting up equipment. Traditional air movers use up 2 to 3 time more energy while delivering less CFM than the Force 9. With amp settings of 2.5 amps on high and 1.5 amps on low, you can set up (and rent) more units than ever before.

A new bell-shaped venturi, larger fan blade and improved aerodynamic grill all feed to its amazing high volume CFM. No other low amp axial can move more air than the Force 9. With 36% more air flow than our most popular Gale Force model Pitch design to ensure the largest air flow to floor coverage possible. Easy-carry design reduces operator fatigue.

Reduced noise level for improved occupied environment conditions. The Force 9 uses advanced engineering that couples specially designed convex fan blades that can move an incredible amount of air while maintaining lower sound decibels. You can stand right next to the Force 9 while is it running on high speed and carry on a normal conversation without having to raise your voice. This is one air mover your customers will love.

Stackable for operation or storage. The Force 9 was designed to fill a doorway and create either a negative or positive pressure in the affected area by blowing the air in a single direction.

Dry Air
Max Power:
3 amps
Max. Airflow :
2260 cfm
0.25 HP
2.5 amps
24 lbs

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