Phoenix D850 Portable Desiccant Dehumidifier


Low Grains, Wide Operating Range

The Phoenix D850 provides the perfect blend of portability, versatility, and performance the restoration industry has been seeking in a medium-capacity desiccant dehumidifier. It combines the wide operating range and ultra-low grains of the Phoenix 1200 with the portability of an LGR like our Phoenix 250 Max. The included remote humidistat and process blower speed control allow you to tailor the drying to the task at hand. The D850 operates both vertically or horizontally and is perfect for low clearance applications, fitting inside most crawlspaces. The lower carrying handle makes moving the unit down stairs, as well as into and out of a crawlspace, a breeze.

The Phoenix D850 delivers 850 CFM of ultra-low grain process air and removes a stunning 370 pints per day at AHAM conditions. The true four-hole design* allows for positive, neutral, or negative pressurization of the affected area. Three-hole desiccants** inherently pull unaffected and/or outside air into the drying chamber. Power to the unit is provided by either a 30- or 50- amp, 230-volt grounded power cord (both are included). The reactivation air stream is ducted through 6” flex duct, which is also provided with the unit.

* Having completely separate process and regeneration airstreams.
** Where regeneration airstream is pulled from the process airstream.

When to use:

  • D850 is ideal for drying low evaporation materials such as concrete, brick, plaster, and hardwoods
  • D850 performs better in cooler temperatures (below 70°) than refrigerant dehumidifiers
  • D850 desiccant is sized for 2 ACH (class 2) for up to 25,500 cu.ft and up to 3 ACH (class 3 & 4) on 17,000 cu.ft

How to use:

  • Use Max Water when primarily drying the air
  • Use Max Grains when tenting or drying low evaporation materials
  • The unit can operate horizontally or vertically
  • Duct the reactivation outlet (225 CFM) outside the affected area or into refrigerant dehumidifier(s) with +350 CFM inlet


  • Power: 208-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 30A or 50A Branch Circuit Protection, (24A or 40A Actual Amp Draw)
  • Water Removal:  370 PPD (175 LPD) at 80°F/60% RH (AHAM)
  • CFM:  850 CFM Process Airflow,  225 CFM Reactivation Airflow (188 CFM 50Hz)
  • Filter: Pleated 20” x 20” x 2” Media MERV 11 (Process), Pleated 9” x 11 3⁄8” x 13⁄4” Media MERV 11
  • Ducting Options:  
    • Process Inlet: 18” or 12” Flex-Duct (Optional)
    • Process Outlet: 10” Lay-Flat Collar (Optional)
    • Reactivation Inlet: 6” Flex-Duct (Optional)
    • Reactivation Outlet: 6” Flex-Duct (Required)
  • Cord Length: 2 Each 8ft Power Cords (1 Dryer, 1 Range)
  • Unit Dimensions:
    • Width: 20” (51 cm)
    • Height: 41” (104 cm)
    • Depth: 23.25” (66 cm)
  • Weight: 105 lbs (70.30kg)
  • Operating Range: -10°F to 120°F ( -23°C to 49°C)
  • Xactimate Code: WTRDHMD>
Auto Pump Out:
Dim Height:
41 inches
Dim Length:
20 inches
Dim Width:
23 inches
Hour Meter:
Max Power:
40 amps
Max. Airflow :
850 cfm
Max. Filter Stages:
Operating Range:
-10° – 120°F
Power Draw:
24 amps
Shipping Weight :
155 lbs
105 lbs


Dehu Type:
Water Removal AHAM :
370 pints/day

Datasheet (Phoenix_D850_datasheet.pdf, 1,261 Kb) [Download]

Manual (Phoenix_D850_Manual.pdf, 2,440 Kb) [Download]

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