XPOWER/Viking PDS-12 Pressurized Wall Cavity Dryer

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Create optimal drying conditions inside water damage areas with the XPOWER PDS-12 Pressurized Wall Cavity Dryer. Dry under sinks, behind cabinets, toe kicks, and permanent fixtures with 160 CFMs of high-pressurized heat with 100 feet of vinyl tubing. The variable speed dial controls air movement, while the quick release hoses plug into the 12-hole diffuser.

High-Pressured Heated Air

Give air movers and scrubbers a hand with this lightweight cavity dryer. Get in to tough to reach areas with the included 100 feet of vinyl tubing, pushing 160 CFMs of hot air throughout toe kicks, under sinks, and permanent fixtures. Use the 12-hole brass air outlets diffuser to quickly move air with the variable speed knob to move heated air where needed.

Lightweight Cavity Dryer

At just 12-pounds, this cavity dryer is easily transported from job to job, or moved from room to room. The quick release vinyl hoses come out of the 12-hole diffuser for quick disassembly, while the carrying handle can be used as a convenient cord wrap.


  • Horsepower: This 4-horsepower motor moves 160 CFMs of air into tight spaces.
  • Stabilizing Feet: Four rubber feet stabilize the cavity dryer on any surface.
  • Vinyl Hose: Use the cavity dryer with the included 100ft vinyl hose that measure ½-inch OD and 1/3-inch ID.
  • Power Cord: The 10-foot power cord easily reaches outlets in kitchens and bathrooms.

What's in the Box:

  • XPOWER PDS-12 Pressurized Wall Cavity Dryer
  • 100-Feet of Vinyl Tubing
  • 12 Hole Brass Diffuser
  • Owner's Manual
Max. Airflow
160 cfm
Power Draw:
12 amps

Manual (manual-pds-12.pdf, 1,577 Kb) [Download]

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