Injectidry HP60 PLUS Wall & Ceiling Package

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The all new HP60 Plus Injectidry System.

  • Quieter: No hissing noise from pressure relief valves
  • Easier to set up. No questions in the minds of the technician about the pressure relief valves
  • Less cumbersome
  • No breaker tripping unless the breaker is faulty or you have too much equipment on the circuit. Amperage will never exceed 12 amps
  • Going to move more air under all setup conditions
  • Going to adjust to maximum vacuum suction whether you are using 1 panel or 20
  • Usable with all attachments and hoses you now have
  • CUL & ETL Listed


Items Qty SKU
HP60 Plus Base Unit 1  
Main AIR IN - Quick Connects installed at factory 1 PTFC
Main AIR OUT - Quick Connects installed at factory 1 PTMA
Carry Bag  1 CB1
Rolling Duffle Bag  1 CB

Active Hoselines - 6’ w/ 10 air ports (2 Hosecuffs & 1 QC-Hose Connector)

12 AH3
AIR OUT Main Hose - 6’ w/factory-set PRV  1 AOMH
AIR IN Main Hose - 6’ w/ inline filter, factory-set PRV & Main QCT   1 AIMH
Quick Connect - Manifolds 6 QCM01
Quick Connect - Hose Connectors 3 QCC01
Quick Connect - Small T’s 2 QCT01
Hosecuffs 12 HC3
End Cap Plugs 4 QCEPO1
Tubing Connectors 50 RHO7A
Soft Tubing Stoppers (bag of 50) 1 RP2
Black Wall Injectors 170 IMO6A
Safety Yellow Blank Hose (1½” x 25’) 1 PLO3
Safety Yellow Tubing (3/8” x 200’) 2 RH05A
Silencer 1 Silencer

Datasheet (HPPLUS01.PDF, 151 Kb) [Download]

User Manual (HPM.PDF, 780 Kb) [Download]

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