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Abatement PPM3 Portable Differential Pressure Monitor

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The PPM3-S Portable Room Pressure Monitor from Abatement Technologies® is an essential tool for measuring the real-time pressure differential between two adjacent areas within a facility. Its primary health care uses are indoor construction and renovation projects and surge capacity infectious patient isolation. The intuitive technology of the PPM3-S Portable Differential Pressure Monitor makes it effective, accurate and easy to use. The key feature of the PPM3-S Portable Pressure Monitor is its capacity to record and store a large number of interval pressure checks, alarm history and setting changes in a history log that can be viewed on the screen or easily downloaded in CSV format to an external USB flash drive.

  • Ultra-tough case with clear view window
  • Color touch screen display
  • USB port for on-site firmware upgrades and archive history downloading
  • Built-in visual and audio alarms
  • Up to 6 months of operation in battery mode
  • Differential pressure range: -25Pa (-0.1”) to +25Pa (+0.1”)
  • Archived history logs are easily downloaded in CSV format to a USB flash drive; CSV format can be easily reviewed in a text editing or spreadsheet program

The PPM3-S pressure monitor and accessory items you need to take accurate differential pressure readings are included and packaged neatly in a rugged molded polymer case:

  • 1 ea. battery charger with 10’ cable
  • 1 ea. 10' long x 1/8" ID clear air tubing
  • 2 ea. quick-connect adapters for 1/8” ID tubing
  • 2 ea. 1/8” 90° barb elbow connector
  • 2 ea. 10-micron inline filters with 1/8” barbs
  • 1 ea. 2 GB flash drive

Optional accessory:

Wall Hanger (RPM-HANG) attaches to the rear of the PPM3-S case for secure mounting & theft deterrence

Abatement Tech.

Spec Sheet (ppm3-s_brochure_5_17.pdf, 439 Kb) [Download]

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