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Convert your Dri-Eaz Velo airmover for general air scrubbing and dust control applications The HEPA Kit converts the Velo and Velo Pro airmovers to be...

This replacement HEPA filter fits the HVE3000 Flood Pumper. This filter is designed to capture extremely fine particulates, helping to improve indoor air...

DriTec 4000i Reactivation Ducting Kit, Heat Resistant, 20ft. with collar Replacement ducting for the DriTec 4000i Dessicant Dehumidifier. Rugged...

Replacement Pump for Dri-Eaz 1200/2400/Evolution dehumidifiers

Replacement Pump for Dri-Eaz 2000 dehumidifier

Hose Wrap plate for Dri-Eaz Evolution (08-01481)

Outlet Grill for Dri-Eaz Evolution (08-01478)

Dri-Eaz Power Cord Assembly 16/3 25ft (08-00226) for Evolution and 1200 Dehumidifiers.  ***Note: unit must be opened to replace power cord

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Dri-Eaz female connector for tubing used on dehumidifiers

Dri-Eaz male connector for tubing used on dehumidifiers