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Replacement Pump for Dri-Eaz 2000 dehumidifier

Replacement Pump for Dri-Eaz 1200/2400/Evolution dehumidifiers

Outlet Grill for Dri-Eaz Evolution (08-01478)

Dri-Eaz male connector for tubing used on dehumidifiers

Hose Wrap plate for Dri-Eaz Evolution (08-01481)

This replacement HEPA filter fits the HVE3000 Flood Pumper. This filter is designed to capture extremely fine particulates, helping to improve indoor air...

Dri-Eaz female connector for tubing used on dehumidifiers

DriTec 4000i Reactivation Ducting Kit, Heat Resistant, 20ft. with collar Replacement ducting for the DriTec 4000i Dessicant Dehumidifier. Rugged...

$260.00 $230.00
Convert your Dri-Eaz Velo airmover for general air scrubbing and dust control applications The HEPA Kit converts the Velo and Velo Pro airmovers to be...

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Dri-Eaz Power Cord Assembly 16/3 25ft (08-00226) for Evolution and 1200 Dehumidifiers.  ***Note: unit must be opened to replace power cord