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Dri-Eaz Velo HEPA Filter Replacement, Primary Filter (F519 / 111333)

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Velo Replacement Primary HEPA filter. Replace filters regularly to maintain the filtration efficiency of your Velo HEPA Kit. Change HEPA filter when airflow is noticeably reduced. One filter per pack. Fits Velo and Velo Pro airmovers. This filter restores your Velo HEPA Attachment Kit to maximum efficiency. It is ideal for use during general air scrubbing applications.

When using your Velo or Velo Pro HEPA Attachment for water damage restoration, mold remediation, or other conditions where dangerous contaminants may be present, both the HEPA filter (F519) and the Prefilter (F520) should be replaced after each job to help prevent cross-contamination.

Before installing new filters, vacuum and damp wipe top plate and wire frame according to current ANSI/IICRC standards for remediation. Remove filters and clean unit before removing it from the containment area to avoid cross-contamination. Allow the unit to dry before installing clean filters.


  • Easy replacement, no tools needed
  • Great for curbing dust, pet dander and other particulates while drying or renovating
  • Restores Velo and Velo Pro HEPA Attachment Kit (F518) to maximum efficiency


  • Type:  HEPA, Primary filter
  • Packaging: 1 per box
  • Product Number: F520 / 111327
Filter Type:

Product Spec Sheet (Velo_HEPA_Replacement_Filter_SpecSheet-03-28-2022.pdf, 53 Kb) [Download]