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MEI Oil Only Truck Spill Kit, Set (MA-OOTRK)

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Get the most out of your order on this Oil Only Truck Spill Kit. For large truck/van fleets or solo vehicles. This spill kit consists of top quality sorbent material and PPE products. Constructed with efficiency in mind; the clear, vinyl bag allows you to easily see and find whatever you need without having to dig through the bag. The components of this spill kit make it popular within various professions; the industrial absorbents excel in many industrial settings while the added medical-grade gloves and certified-safe Absorbent Packet (which easily cleans up blood & vomit) make it ideal for ambulance and school bus fleets.

Absorbs: Oil, petroleum, diesel - Oil-Only


  • Clear, vinyl bag allows contents to easily be seen and accessed
  • Light weight, medical grade, disposable gloves are ideal for applications where a higher level of dexterity is required such as intricate parts handling or medical services
  • MEI Granular Absorbent is 100% natural, safe, and will absorb blood, hydrocarbons, and more.
  • Easily fits under the seat of a pickup truck
  • MEI Granular Absorbent can be used to neautralize vapours from liquids such as gasoline, preventing them from igniting when exposed to heat and flame.


  • Absorbency per kit: 19.68 L (5.2 gal)
  • Kit weight:  6.8 lbs (3.08 kg)
  • Kit dimensions (W x L x D):  15 x 18 x 6" (38 x 45.7 x 15.2 cm)
  • Container type:  Vinyl, Zippered Bag
  • Container colour:  Clear
  • Liquids absorbed:  Oil-Only - Oil, Petroleum, Diesel, Other Oil Based Liquids
  • Wheels included:  No
  • Container material:  PVC
  • Product Number:  MA-OOTRK

What's Included?

  • (10) 15" X 18" absorbent pads
  • (1) 3" X 4' absorbent sock
  • (1) MEI Absorbent Packet
  • (1) disposable bag with zip tie
  • (1) pair powder free, disposable nitrile gloves
  • Spill instruction sheet

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) Granular Absorbent (MA-OOTRK_Oil_Only_Truck_Spill_Kit_SDS.pdf, 132 Kb) [Download]

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