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Sycorp Calc App provides quick and easy access to a number of calculations used for Restoration, Construction and Indoor Air Quality industries. Easy to use, quick access for use on job sites. All calculations are simple and in real time.

Free Calculations include:

  • Dew Point, Grains Per Pound, Grain Depression
  • CFM Needed for air filtration/number of air changes
  • # of HEPA Air Filters needed
  • # of Air Movers needed
  • # of Dehumidifiers needed (includes specs on 25 models)
  • Psychrometric calculations in both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • BTU needed to Heat or Cool a room   

Pro version adds:

  • Class 4 Water loss and Desiccant calculations
  • Calculate air movers by linear feet
  • Enter multiple room dimensions. Email results
  • Vapour Pressure
Sycorp Calc Menu Drying Screen

3 Versions available: 
 Free Sycorp Calc  basic version
For iOS: Download at iTunes
For Android: Download at Google Play

 Sycorp Calc Pro  only $7.99 CAD
For iOS: Purchase at iTunes
For Android: Purchase at Google Play

 Sycorp Calc HD  only $7.99 CAD
For iPad: Purchase at iTunes

Psychrometric screen HEPA IAQ Screen

Privacy Policy:
These apps are provide real time calculations and do not collect, store, access or forward ANY user information or details. No third party tools or services are used by the apps. 

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