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T-Rex Ripper Staple & Nail Extractor Pry Bar 21"

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The T-Rex Ripper Staple & Nail Extractor pry bar was created from the need to quickly pull flooring staples during demolition. The T-Rex Ripper extracts nails and staples, making all other pry bars and nail pullers obsolete. The new, patented, rounded, four-tooth design allows fast, efficient extraction of staples and nails, large and small.

In addition to being a strong prying tool, the bar can also be flipped over and used as a scraper to remove carpet pad staples.

Who can benefit from this tool?
Carpenters, carpet layers, flooring installers, roofers, framers, electricians, plumbers, home remodelers, demolition companies, and do-it-yourself remodelers and homeowners.

The T-Rex Ripper comes in 3 sizes: 11-, 15- and 21-inch. The 11-inch bar is useful for pulling fasteners in tight spaces, like between joists. The 15-inch bar is an all-around handy size that provides good leverage in a compact size. The 21-inch bar has extra leverage to make easy work of large demolition projects.

Bottom line:
The T-Rex Ripper Staple & Nail Extractor pays for itself in time saved.

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