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Tile & Grout Tools

$1,050.00 $879.00

4” Gekko Head


$285.00 $245.00
SX-7 Hose Assembly This hide-a-hose whip assembly is used with the SX-7 (AR51G) when cleaning countertops, shower walls or other handheld work....

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Gekko SX 15 Head

$165.00 $135.00
14" Gekko Wet Vacuum Squeegee Head The Wet Vac Squeegee head is ideal for surfaces that need maximum water removal. The squeegee blades permit...

$355.00 $269.00
Gekko Wet Vacuum Wand The Gekko Wet Vac Wand attaches to the AR51V Gekko Wet Vacuum Squeegee and is used for water extraction on hard surfaces. The...

$460.00 $389.00

4” Gekko Hand Tool


$19.00 $14.50
Premium Grout Brush 9 x 1.5inch (replacement head, handle sold separately) This new premium grout brush has stiffer bristles in a tapered configuration...