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Concrobium Mold Control Tri-Jet ULV Cold Fogger, 200620810

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Chemical fogger or humidity control is simple with the Commander "Tri-Jet" Fogger. The combination of adjustable valve and the tornado action nozzle allows you to maximize mist up to 30 feet directionally. The versatility of this unit allows you to fog with both water and oil base materials and may be used either indoors or outdoors.

Applying Concrobium Mold Control with a cold (ULV) Fogger is an effective way to eliminate mold and musty smells in large or inaccessible spaces. A fogger evenly mists Concrobium Mold Control to saturate the air in the enclosed environment, and evenly coat all surfaces.

A "cold" fogger can atomize either water- or oil-based solutions. A one-turn control knob adjusts particle size and degree of misting, and the power head can be adjusted up or down to the angle required.

Maintenance-free, reliable and durable, it continues to serve indoors or out disinfecting and sanitizing, mitigating odors, controlling mold and mildew, aiding in flood and fire damage restoration, controlling mosquitoes, flies and other insects and many other applications.

Fogmaster's original tri-jet design continues to set the standard against which all others are measured.

Ideal for: Large spaces e.g., entire rooms, basements, cellars; hard-to-reach areas e.g., attics, crawlspaces, wall cavities; new construction sites e.g. closed houses

How it Works:

Concrobium Mold Control effectively eliminates and prevents mold growth on a variety of surfaces. Fortunately, for those hard to reach surfaces and large enclosed areas, a fogger lets you mist Concrobium Mold Control to evenly coat the surface, crushing the mold spores as it dries in an easy to use application method.

How to Use:

  1. Add Concrobium Mold Control to fogger tank.
  2. Remove or cover any room contents that may be damaged if wetted e.g., furniture, electronics, electrical sources, paper products. Close windows and doors.
  3. Adjust liquid flow of the fogger head to a Medium flow rate
  4. Position fogger in space being treated and adjust fogger head angle to ensure even application of the affected area.
  5. After fogging, allow fog to dissipate for 15-20 minutes. Where possible wipe off any excess wetness from surfaces with a clean cloth.
  6. Allow surface to dry overnight. Do not rinse. If over application occurred, a harmless white residue may remain on surfaces. It may be necessary to wipe some surfaces clean after drying e.g. glass, mirrors.
1 gal
Power Draw:
7 amps

Info Sheet (672_info_sheet1.pdf, 198 Kb) [Download]

Works great for its intended purpose
Well built, performed far better than I ever expected. Highly effective and easy to operate This product does what it claims. I highly recommend this fogger for those who have areas like attics or basements, hard areas to get at. A great investment.
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