Windlass Style Tourniquet, First Aid Tactical Life Saving Hemorrhage Control, FSWTNQT

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The Windlass-Style Tourniquet. The single most important life saving device to stop bleeding, you can carry when applied correctly. Windlass style tourniquet is known as a CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet) This tourniquet is a quick effective solution to help stop blood flow in trauma situations. It is 100% effective in quickly stopping arterial blood flow due to the shortest application time. Windlass quickly adjusts pressure in case bleeding restarts.

One handed design for self-application. Strap designed with finger hole for grip. Kevlar Stitching 4 inches from tip preventing Velcro delamination under extreme tension. It is required by WorkSafeBC in Level 1 and Level 2 occupational work place First Aid Kits.


  • Easy to deploy with one hand application
  • Lightweight, compact and simple design
  • Sturdy windlass rod
  • Durable nylon material
  • Assisted occlusion strap

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