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VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generators for Respirator Fit Testing

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*** Note: is not recommend for fit testing of N95 masks ***

The VeriFit® Irritant Smoke Generator revolutionizes respirator fit testing. Its patented design integrates all traditional irritant smoke test components into one convenient device. Plastic construction eliminates danger from broken glass. Small, attached bellows provide the optimum amount of smoke yet minimize overexposure.

Unlike other test methods, there is no need for nebulizers, pumps, mixing jars, batteries, test masks, probes, or hoods. There are no parts to calibrate, warm up, sterilize, or clean.

Irritant smoke is the only OSHA-accepted qualitative fit testing method that does not rely on the test subject’s subjective response. Other types of qualitative fit tests, such as banana oil (Isoamyl acetate), saccharin, or Bitrex, may cause false negative results

Each VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generator is a complete, safe, ready-to-use, OSHA-compliant fit testing kit.

Simulates Real Working Conditions
Reduces Health Risk
Irritant smoke fit testing simulates real working conditions. At no time are test subjects required to hold their breath after vigorous exercise, a potentially stressful condition that could be detrimental to the test subject’s health. Also, there are no test hoods; and test subjects are allowed to breathe normally through the entire test.

Eliminates Danger from Broken Glass
Increases Safety
The VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generator’s plastic construction is a safer alternative than traditional irritant smoke test kits. Traditional kits use glass tubes that must be broken to elicit smoke. The broken glass can become hazardous to handle and discard. To use a VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generator, simply bend the plastic tube to break the enclosed ampoule. Because the ampoule is inside the tube, there is no danger of exposure to broken glass. As a result, the VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generator is safer to operate and discard.

Incorporates All-In-One Design
Ready to Use
The VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generator’s patented all-in-one design saves you prep and clean-up time. There are no parts to warm up, calibrate, clean, or sterilize. The VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generator is always ready to use.
All aspects of a traditional irritant smoke fit test kit are incorporated into one handy device. The bellows and ampoule are conveniently integrated into a sleek smoke generator. Unlike traditional smoke test kits, there are no additional components to attach, lose, or replace. 

Generates Precise Smoke Volume Every Time
Minimizes Risk of Overexposure
The VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generator’s bellows produce a precise volume of air with each complete compression. There is no user calibration or complex, error-prone flow rate to set. Because you control the compressions, you control the amount of smoke 
generated. Manual operation ensures greater safety and precision. The risk of overexposure to smoke is also minimized due to the small
bellows size. The VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generator is a safer option than traditional irritant smoke test kits that can have less precise smoke measurements or greater smoke production.

Contents: 10 smoke generators, manual, & storage box


Manual (VeriFit_Manual.pdf, 1,586 Kb) [Download]

SDS (VeriFit_SDS.pdf, 195 Kb) [Download]

Brochure (VeriFit_brochure2020.pdf, 2,241 Kb) [Download]

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our go to for fit testing. Thank you to Sycorp for having the SDS readily available when it was near impossible to find on the manufacturer's website.
Easy to use product. Typically each vial can be used for around 5 fit tests (same day), so they're good value.
Worked very well for mask fit testing. Cost $88 - I've seen some sites selling for $216 for the exact same brand and size.
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