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Dri-Eaz 1" MERV 8 Pre-Filter for HEPA 700, Box of 12 (125029)

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1" MERV 8 Pre-Filter. Specialty Prefilter use with carbon filter to remove VOCs and odors. Designed specifically for the HEPA 700, the pre-filters and the HEPA primary filter ensure the highest air filtration efficiency. With this standard 2-inch pre-filter and primary HEPA filter media, the HEPA 700 removes dust, mold and other particulates and passes the stringent DOP air filtration tests often required. The optional activated carbon filter with a 1-inch pre-filter and HEPA filter will remove odors, fumes and smoke especially helpful in wildfire-prone areas.


  • Maximum filtration effectiveness
  • HEPA 700 Command Hub displays the percent of life remaining on primary filter to help anticipate when it will require changing
  • Filters are designed to be replaced after use to prevent cross-contamination (Do not clean and reuse)
  • Fast and easy filter changes
  • No tools required


  • Efficiency Rating:  MERV 8
  • Sell Unit:  12 per Box
  • Dimension (LxW):  19 x 21 inches (48.5 x 53 cm)
  • Thickness:  1 inch (2.5 cm)
  • Product Number:  125029

HEPA 700 Filter Options

Air Filtration Applications:

Removes larger particulates – protects primary filter

Specialty Prefilter
Carbon removes VOCs and odors

Primary filter (HEPA)
Removes fine particulate down to .3 microns

Water loss air filtration and mold remediation*

Standard air scrubbing. For high particle loads, such as construction or remodeling sites.

125026   2" MERV 8 Pleated Paper Filter


125028  HEPA Filter

Odor control and air filtration. For removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fumes from paint and paint thinners, and many other noxious odors, eg, from food, sewage, etc.

Smoke particulate and odor removal. Paper prefilter and HEPA filter remove particulates and carbon filter adsorbs odors.

125029  1" MERV 8 Pleated Paper Filter

125027  1" Activated Carbon Filter

125028  HEPA Filter

Dim Height:
1 inches
Dim Length:
21 inches
Dim Width:
19 inches
Filter Type:
1" Prefilter
Package Size:
12 per box

Product Data Sheet (HEPA_700_Filters_SpecSheet.pdf, 763 Kb) [Download]

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