Zipwall Grip Disk, (pack of 2)


Zipwall Grip Disk, pack (2/pack)

When working smooth flooring like vinyl or wood, or if there is a lot of air flow at the worksite, the Grip Disks keep SLP or Kit 20 poles in place. Slip one between the floor and the plastic sheet, then lower the pole onto the sheeting and pull the barrier tight. Each GD2 package contains 2 Grip Disks. ZipWall is a registered trademark of ZipWall LLC.


  • Pro-quality and durability; keeps barrier poles from moving on smooth vinyl or wood flooring
  • Keeps barrier poles from moving when high air flow present at worksite
  • Each GD2 package contains 2 grip disks
  • Meets strict ANSI certification for quality
  • One year warranty

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