Fiberlock Fiberset PM 7480 - Post Removal Asbestos Lockdown, Blue, pail

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This Fiberlock Fiberset PM post removal surface sealant is to be used after asbestos has been removed-seals any residual asbestos fibers to the surface. After asbestos is removed, spray Fiberset PM Lockdown on the newly exposed beam or deck assembly. One coat of this competitively priced, premixed lockdown traps all microscopic asbestos fibers left on the surface and ensures final air clearance. Fiberset PM forms a durable barrier that's UL classified. Its quality formulation ensures ease of sprayablility and resists dripping or over spray. Its superior resins bond respray fireproofing securely to decks or beams, and above all, Fiberset PM locks leftover fibers down tight.

Fiberlock Asbestos Lockdown, BLUE, 5 gallon pail


SDS (Fiberlock_FibersetPM-SDS-Feb2016.pdf, 127 Kb) [Download]

Datasheet (Fiberlock_FibersetPM-Datasheet-Feb2016.pdf, 785 Kb) [Download]

Label (Fiberlock_FibersetPM-7480-label-Feb2016.pdf, 269 Kb) [Download]

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