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Odour Control

$145.00 $116.00
Cartridges are filled with an essential oil membrane. The oils sweat through the membrane and are dispersed into the air as a dry vapor with the help of air...

$115.00 $86.00
Concentrated, water-soluble, odor-neutralizing liquid. Specifically formulated for commercial and industrial use on floors, walls, and other surfaces....

$40.00 $32.90
Chemspec, pH: 8.4
Neutralizes odors and odor-causing sources when used as prespray or added to cleaning solution. Effectively removes odors caused by urine, vomit, smoke,...

$130.00 $104.00
Powerful concentrate. Includes enzymes and nonpathogenic bacterial cultures to breakdown organic waste naturally, effectively, and immediately. Features...

$59.00 $43.00
Bridgepoint, pH: 8
Bio-Modifier with Hydrocide is a ready-to-use, highly active solution with strong odor counteractants to knock out odor. Bio-Modifier with Hydrocide also...

$65.00 $48.00
Groom, pH: 7.5
Premium Deodorizing Additive

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ODORx Thermo-2000™ Citrus Lemon Powerful water-based odor counteractant for thermal fogging. Neutralizing and pairing agents work in tandem to suppress...

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Clearance Sale while supplies last - regular $88.00 ODORx Thermo-55™ Cherry Solvent-based odor counteractant for thermal fogging. Blend of highly...

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A rechargeable, easy-to-use, portable, dry vapor system. Put the battery-powered unit to work where electrical power has been interrupted or is not easily...

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Neutralize and destroy tobacco and cannabis smoke. Works at the molecular level to neutralize and permanently deodorize materials affected by these odors....