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Unsmoke Unsoot #1 Encapsulant

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Unsmoke Unsoot™ #1 Encapsulant

Forms a clear, encapsulating film to contain particulates and dust.
Unsoot #1’s long-lasting barrier helps prevent the release of particulates, thereby helping to improve indoor air quality and occupant comfort after restoration. Use on structural wood, or for sealing duct work and ceiling plenums after fires, smoke damage, or oil burner puff-backs.

Mixing: Dilute 1 part Unsoot #1 with 4 parts water.
ph: 4.9

Prorestore (Unsmoke)

User Guide (Unsoot1_UserGuide_RevF.pdf, 123 Kb) [Download]

SDS Sheet (Unsoot1_SDS.pdf, 73 Kb) [Download]

Label (Unsoot1_Label.pdf, 333 Kb) [Download]

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