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Hydro-Force Brush Pro 10" Counter Rotating Brush Machine Replacement Brush, Blue, Standard, Pair, MH10E / 121328 / 1638-2210

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Blue, Standard 10" Replacement Brush for Pro Brush 10 CRB Machine. The blue brushes are the standard brushes used on the MH10 10" Brush Pro and are good for all-around cleaning including carpet, tile and grout, and stairs.

These brushes are sold by the pair and are the perfect replacement for your 10" Brush Pro Machine Brushes.  There are 3 different brushes available for the 10" machine, soft, standard and stiff.   

  • 1662-2348 B354 White Soft - For jobs that require a less aggressive brush including wool carpet and wool rugs
  • 1638-2210 B352 Blue Standard - For all-around cleaning including carpet, tile and grout, and stairs
  • 1660-2440 B350 Brown Stiff - For jobs that require a very aggressive scrubbing including tile and grout, concrete and other hard surfaces

The standard blue brush is the most common and the most versatile.  Many contractors use the 10" machine solely for agitation of their pre spray, prior to hot water extraction.  If you do a lot of high end properties with wool or other delicate carpets, you should have a set of the white brushes on hand. 

Dim Length:
10 inches

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